Joel Michell on psychometricians

… the fact that psychometricians, from the founding of their discipline, studiously turned away from investigating whether the attributes they aspired to measure really are quantitative means that their discipline is a pathological science (Michell, 2000) and that their standing as scientists is deeply compromised. Scientists who care more about appearing to be quantitative and the advantages that might accrue from that appearance, than they do about investigating fundamental scientific issues, put expedience before the truth. In this, they do not conform to the values of science and elevate non-scientific interests over those values, thereby threatening to bring science as a whole into disrepute. If the attributes that psychometricians aspire to measure are heterogeneous orders then psychometrics, as it exists at present, is fatally flawed and destined to join astrology, alchemy, and phrenology in the dustbin of history. (p. 7)

Michell, J. (2012). Alfred Binet and the concept of heterogeneous orders. Frontiers in Psychology, 3, Article 261.

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