Max Amadeus Notturno on Science

Today science itself has become a social problem that is widely discussed by social scientists in the social sciences. Today the social scientists say that science is a social institution and that the sociological aspects of it are what count most in the social decision to accept or reject a theory. They tell us that truth and rationality are social constructs that do not really exist, and that the cognitive authority for our scientific theories–which is a social construct that does still manage to exist–depends upon nothing more than the solidarity of the scientific community that maintains it. They say that science begins where criticism leaves off, that ‘normal’ scientists must commit themselves to their beliefs, and that those who criticize them too persistently are and ought to be expelled from the scientific community. (pp. 255-256)

Notturno, M. A. (2000). Science and the open society: The future of Karl Popper’s philosophy. Budapest: Central European Univeristy Press.

Voir aussi Horkheimer & Adorno (1974), Kundera (1984), Morin (2008)

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